My name’s Matt. My world is popcorn and celluloid…

I’ll give you my opinion on why (or why not) you should (or should not) watch a movie. But let’s talk about them, not as two turtleneck clad academics discussing the possible allegories to the criminal justice system in Toy Story over a cappuccinos in Telluride, but as people who just like to have a good time at the movie theater. I want to help you navigate this vast world of movies and lead you to find what your looking for, or what you didn’t know you were looking for.

Put more plainly, my goal is to make movie reviews fun and accessible, in the hopes that it will drive more and more people to watch movies they otherwise wouldn’t have for one reason or another, while occasionally taking the time to comment on the larger trends and themes permeating film making and the industry at large.

So hold on to your butts as I take you on a journey into my mind, and all that I have to say about a subject that I harbor a great deal of passion for: Movies.

I am Madd Matt, and this is my movie blog. Give it a read.