mother! – One Man’s Therapy Session, Visualized

Someone needs a hug. And not one of those loose-barely-touching-hovering-over-one-another kind of hugs you give/receive to/from a friend you haven't seen in a long time, and definitely not the dreaded hip-high-five-side-hug-from-your-first-crush-after-months-of-what-you-thought-was-successful-flirtation, NO. I mean the deep-powerful-emotionally-charged-Good-Will-Hunting-esque-embrace-by-a-beloved-mentor-as-he-reinforces-with-increasing-effect-that-"it's not your fault"-as-you-slowly-break-down-in-his-arms, kind of hu You may be the one who wants that release after watching "mother!", maybe,... Continue Reading →

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