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The last thing I ever expected myself to do was to start a blog (aside from starting a crossfit gym for pugs). Yet here we are now: me having written this post and you reading it. I suppose all is going according to plan already.

But what exactly is the point of this blog you must surely be pondering to an unhealthily stressful degree? Well, in a moment of profound self-awareness, I’ve realized that I’ve acquired a wealth of knowledge in the realm of Film and the Cinematic Arts, and the corresponding arrogance and pretentiousness that follows, resulting in the need to become philanthropic with my assets.

Thus from this point on, I will be unloading my thoughts, opinions, and feelings (all objectively correct I might add) about each week’s most notable film release in an attempt to galvanize the masses to shutoff Netflix, toss your computers in the nearest body of water, throw on some slacks, and get to your local theater to enjoy movies and film the way they were meant to be seen: on the big screen, surrounded by people of all sizes, shapes, and smells.

Bear with me for first few months, as I continue learning the in’s and out’s of public journaling and settle into a regular writing routine. Not to mention slowly overcoming my crippling fear of the internet and our cyber overlords collecting endless amounts of data on our behavioral patterns in order to one day predict and control our every thought and action and eventually replace us with sentient techno-organic clones. Excuse me while go Yo-Yo in the park for a little while…

* 2 hours and 7.5 successful shoot-the-moons later*

Whew, mind tamed again, carrying on…

With the official launch of my blog-O-verse with this post you’re reading now, will also be a few retroactive reviews of some recent releases to get the engine humming, with the first scheduled weekly post being this weekend’s big release, IT. Ya know, the highly anticipated romantic comedy about a lonely clown living in the sewers of a small Maine town who dreams of bringing joy and happiness to all the local children. I haven’t yet read the Stephen King novel its based on, but I’m told its a charming and delightful read.

My hope is that these articles will offer real insight into the merits of the films I review both artistically and commercially (because sometimes a film can be an artful masterpiece but feel like a chore to watch i.e. Manchester by the Sea or it can be an assault on human intelligence but admittedly really fun i.e. The Fast and Furious franchise) while doing so with a refreshing voice and perspective that may deliver a laugh or two along the way. I don’t want to mechanically deliver academic dissections of every film I review, I want to sell you on why or why not you should watch any particular movie in the most entertaining, creative, and flat out honest means necessary (please don’t sue me Screen Junkies crew, I promise I’m not the Zuckerberg to your perfectly toned Winklevoss twins).

So strap in ladies and fellas as I take you on a journey into my mind, and all that I have to say about a subject that I harbor a great deal of passion for: alpaca ranching….but this blog is about Film (don’t worry my alpaca blog will be coming in the near future as well).

But anyway, I am Madd Matt, and this is my movie blog. You should read it. Take it from another Matthew I know and love…



Post-Script: IT review is up. And IT’s dope.


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